Laser Hair Removal

Safer and more permanent than waxing, shaving, electrolysis, and other hair removal methods, laser hair removal is so effective that most clients see results after their first session.

At Forever Smooth Laser & Beauty clinic, we use medical grade Candela, which is widely considered to be the gold standard, in achieving results.
Multiple sessions are needed to obtain maximum results , because only hair in the anagen, or active stage, of hair growth can be successfully treated.
What’s more, laser hair removal is the only proven method to easily and quickly remove hair from large areas of the body, such as the back, chest and legs.
Simply put, laser hair removal gets Forever Smooth results.

Skin Treatments & Facials

What’s holding you back from feeling your best? From fine lines, pigmentation, to the reduction of scarring, age spots and acne, book in for your complimentary skin care consultation. Together, we can tailor a skin treatment plan that will unveil fresh, luminous skin with great tone and texture.
Treatments range from a combination of skin corrective peels, clinical microdermabrasion, along with cosmeceutical skin care. These tailored treatments are designed to reduce skin concerns successfully during a short period of time.


We offer various types of body waxing, which includes hot wax and strip wax. Our therapists are efficient and trained to perform waxing techniques that are quick, give you the least pain and adhere to hygienic standards.

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